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by | Dec 3, 2017

…On Sale Now!

Hello everyone…. from Dorado, Puerto Rico. As you might have heard, a Hurricane came through here a couple months ago and needless to say… it has made a mess. Yami & I were fortunate enough to escape safely and we survived 45 days without power with no ill effects. I freaked out a couple times, but I don’t need a hurricane for that. 

So while we are fine, our business has suffered. As you may or may not know, we run our own business from home. Yami gives Myofascial Release… a type of pain management therapy and I give Health Coaching sessions. Well, as you may imagine… for the last couple months, people haven’t really been focused on therapies…  and sure as hell not eating well. It was hard enough to get food … PERIOD… for awhile… let alone refrigerate or cook it. 

Gratefully, Yami has seen about half of her clients come back. The health coaching thing is pretty much non-existent right now, but we are not giving up.

Yami… The Essential Oil Diva

When Yami gives a therapy to a client, she uses essential oils. She loves essential oils. If you sneeze or cough or say anything hurts… she grabs some oil like a crazy person and tells you to smell it, drink it, or she’ll just rub it on you. It kinda freaked me out at first, but it works… so I can live with her crazyness. She studies them and creates concoctions to treat each client according to their needs.  She has been doing that for awhile… and it has been so well received that she decided to make blends to sell to her clients.. to take home. So, over the summer she developed 5 blends. I made some labels… bought some bottles… and Voila! We had our own product. She sold a few to her clients. Just a little side project of something she is passionate about.

The day we got the labels and made our first official blend.

So for fun, I put the products on our website for people to buy. It was never official… it was hidden because we were not ready to take orders and ship. It was mainly for people here in Puerto Rico. The funny thing was, the main picture on the website.. the one at the top.. was just a ‘test’ photo that I took on our deck when we lived at the apartment. It wasn’t the official picture we wanted to represent our blends, I’ll put it that way.

This hurricane has put a huge dent in small businesses… us included. So, we need to reinvent ourselves. Reinvent is a big buzzword around here. Yami got ahold of a friend and she made a website so that people can buy stuff from small business in Puerto Rico. They can also hire people. It is pretty cool. So, Yami gave her friend the web address of our ‘Store.’ She said it would be up and running Nov 20th. So, I had some work to do. I got the website done by then… pretty much.

Yami & I like to read articles every day about what is going on here. So on November 20th, we were sitting on the couch, and she kinda screams, “Oh my God!’ I look over at her computer and there is that half-ass photo I took of the blends on the screen. Turns out, NBC wrote an article about how people can help Puerto Rico by visiting this website and they took our picture and put it at the top! I guess it wasn’t too bad after all. The article got us 4 orders that day. That was pretty exciting.

NBC News Article with Our Pic at Top


So.. here’s the deal. I am reaching out to my family & friends… and everyone who reads this… asking you to buy some therapeutic blends. It is that simple. Not out of charity, because the blends are really nice… and they really work. They are very affordable, and great gifts. I really hope if you do buy them, they will become part of your everyday life. I know it may seem strange to put essential oils on your head if you have a headache instead of reaching for the tylenol… but man, that is what we are about. Trying to pay attention to what we put in our body. It REALLY does make a difference. I invite you to give it a shot. What do you have to lose? Nada!

So, visit our store… place an order. Yami makes every blend as ordered. She loves it. If you want a custom blend… she can do that too. If you have something going on that we do not have a blend for, send her an email (through the website) and she will make something for ya. Then, if you like it.. write a review. Hopefully you like them… and if you do… tell someone.. tell everyone! Tell them about us.. and the website. Please go here and look around at the other stuff for sale here in Puerto Rico. I can tell you buying something made here means a lot.


( I know… I love the upside down Exclamation Point… ¡¡ I can’t get enough of it !!  ¡¡ It just makes me Happy !!)

I would also invite you to get your butt down here! I know that the news only talks about the bad stuff… but most of the economy here is from tourism. And I think people believe everything is a mess here. That is not true. That is not to say things are back to normal. However, you can fly here for under $400 round trip. If I know you, I’ll pick you up at the airport (If you buy some blends)… and maybe you can stay at our place… if you buy more blends.

 The weather is incredible, the beaches are open. There are plenty of restaurants, plenty of things to do. Give it some thought.



Yami at the Beach about 5 min from Home


Yami at our FAVORITE Beach • Cerro Gordo… about 15 min from home


So, in advance, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. If your are interested you can click the button below to visit our store. (If you prefer spanish… click ‘Therapeutic Blends’ at the top.) I would also invite you to check out our website. Just click ENGLISH at the top of the page… or…  if you are feeling adventurous, click anywhere else & test out your Español.